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One Day or Day One. You Decide!

Welcome to Yoga+ Breath, Meditation & Mindfulness.

I am Wanda and I believe in the impossible. My impossible, as we start this journey, is improving our well-being by making a commitment to change. That change can be in your mind, body, or spirit, but I am here to help you facilitate the process.

One reason I started this journey is that, in life, we are faced with so many stressors. It is not about the stressors we face, but how we handle them. Last year, I lost 40lbs in 3 months on a very strict diet plan. When it ended, I transition to a new job, in a new city and gained all my weight back, plus some. Along with my weight, my health problems returned and increased, but that is not going to stop me because I’m Possible!

I am pursuing my yoga certification as an instructor as well as group fitness. I look forward to changing and learning with you.

My name is Shawn Kellyman. I am a certified Genius Break, Team Well Being, and Yoga Coach. My journey is to help facilitate and serve as a guide in the journey of my clients ages 6-18. I am an explorer at heart and I love to travel.

I am pursuing my certification as a Registered Behavioral Technician and am currently working to complete my BA in Graphic Design.

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